Gilbert’s Kosher Foods began trading in 1996 in a 27,000 sq ft EC approved factory in Milton Keynes. Sales have progressed continually and are estimated to be in excess of £7.5 million for 2017. Technically, our accreditation is BRC at Grade A level.  Through the years, we have developed a strong relationship with most of the major High Street supermarkets providing them with a wide range of delicatessen including the famous Salt Beef, Pastrami and Vienna Sausages.  In addition, a major fresh meat business has been established in France supplying many of the Kosher butchers and delicatessen stores.

The factory is supervised by the Beth Din of the Federation of the Synagogues, London Beth Din and Halal Consultations of Great Britain.  Our boning plant has a throughput of approximately 100 tons per month which supports a manufacturing facility producing a further 100 tons of delicatessen product including a traditional Smoked, Roasted Pure Beef Hot Dog.

The Hot Dog which we manufacture in sizes ranging from 35g to 160g is particularly interesting in that we believe it to be the highest quality product of its type in Europe and the absolute equal of the iconic American all Beef Hot Dogs.  The product can be frozen or chilled.

Today, it sells across Britain and mainland Europe in most of the discerning American style fast food outlets.  It has recently been recognised as an exciting addition to the in-stadia catering menus at Premiership football grounds.

The cooked meat range is sold through a customer catalogue that includes Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Costco and Kosher Outlet also many of the senior food service operators in the UK.  We also supply Halal Roast Beef to all of the HM Prisons in Britain.

Our party food range includes many great favourites such as Tuna Bites, Fish Balls, Cocktail Potato Latkes and recently we began to manufacture a range of Falafel and Spicy Pakoras which have been an instant success. We also include handmade salads such as Tuna Rillette and Salmon Rillette. We also offer the finest sliced Scottish Smoked Salmon. Mr Freed’s lines are sold through all the major multiple and independent outlets in the UK. They are available via our distributors in the south, Global Kosher Ltd and in the North our lines are carried and distributed by Boyko Manchester.